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NORSE:STYLES is a portal that is dedicated to giving you the opportunity to discover your new favorite Viking brand or artist. The Viking Age might be over, but the legacy of these infamous Norsemen continues to fascinate people around the world. We are dedicated to keeping this fascination alive, by sharing brands inspired by Norse culture. On this page, you can discover a Viking brand or a Norse artist that you might not have heard of before. You can also read up on news, articles, new products, and designs from the brands that you already know and follow. NORSE:STYLES gather both known and unknown brands, and small businesses that all have the fascination of ancient Norse culture in common. 

Whether you are new to the world of Viking brands and Norse inspired artists or you have been a part of the community for many years, we want you to have an easy overview of all the different brands inspired by Norse culture, history and mythology. That way you can find your favorite brand or discover new brands that you haven’t heard of. NORSE:STYLES wants to be your portal to discovering and diving deeper in to the world of Norse history, culture and mythology, so that you can find new an exciting ways to express yourself and your passion. We are continuously adding new artists, brands and musicians and if you have a favorite brand not listed on our webpage you are welcome to give us a heads up so we can check them out.

Best Norse Tattoo Artists

the raven from the north

The Raven From
The North

kunsten på kroppen

Kunsten på kroppen

meela rainey tattoo

Meela Rainey Tattoo

ginnungagap art

Ginnungagap Art

sacred knot tattoo

Sacred Knot Tattoo

Best Viking Music Bands









eivør pálsdóttir


Best Norse Apparel Brands

viking brand

Valhyr Apparel



descended from odin

Descended From Odin

viking brand

Urkraft Apparel


Norse Souls

Discover Your Favorite Norse Artist or Viking Brand

The fascination of the ancient Norse culture is not confined to apparel. The Norse folk music genre has also experienced a growth in popularity, so much that it has also reached the mainstream market for music. We also feature tattoo artists, craftsmen and craftswomen, and different museums and sites. NORSE:STYLES has something for everyone, and we constantly work to find and add new brands and artists. If you know of artists that is not listed on this page we are more than happe to hear from you, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you. For people who are passionate about or interested in Norse culture and mythology or just fascinated by the Viking Age, there is plenty of opportunities to find a Viking brand that resonates with you. Whether you are into the apparel, the music or the tattoos, we gathered the best of the best for you. Get an overview of all the brands on the page, and discover your new favorite Viking brand today!

A Viking Brand for Everybody

The Norse culture and mythology are more popular than ever, partially because of the massive success of tv-shows like “Vikings” and “The Last Kingdom”. The rise in popularity and awareness has led to an explosion in different brands, that all have their fascination and inspiration from the ancient Norse culture in common. Besides different types of brands and forms of entertainment, we have also launched a blog called The Heritage of Vikings. On this blog, we will share news, fascinating articles, and review new products and music, to bring you the latest from the world of the modern Vikings. We will also feature guest bloggers along the line, but this is still in the making. We hope that NORSE:STYLES will be your go-to webpage to find everything about Norse and Viking-inspired products, services, entertainment, and much much more. We hope that you will find our content interesting, and in the same way, we hope that you will get an even better understanding of Norse culture and mythology.