deyr fé, deyja frændr,
deyr sjalfr it sama,
en orðstírr deyr aldregi,
hveim er sér góðan getr

Cattle die, kindred die, we ourselves also die;
but the fair fame never dies of him who has earned it.


The Vikings and the Norse civilization in general have left a vast and immeasurable legacy that can still be witnessed today. The languages in modern-day Scandinavia and all the landmarks and monuments are a testament to this. Norse culture, particularly its symbols, myths, legends, and sagas has become increasingly embraced in recent years. Many modern brands, and artists, are striving to maintain the legacy of the Vikings through different products. Everything from apparel brands, to musicians and tattoo artists, has dedicated their crafts to honoring Norse mythology, culture, and history. We have gathered some of the best on this page because we want to share our own heritage and lineage with the rest of the world.

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For the Viking warrior, their legacy was everything. They sought fame and glory on the battlefield, in their daily lives, and through heroic deeds that would be remembered by generations to come. Fame and glory were sought with fierce ambition, as their hope was to leave behind a legacy so impressive that others would read about it generations after. Their masterful combat skills and victories in battle served to immortalize them but their deep respect for their mythology, culture, and ancestors was also an influence. This reverence for their heritage and lineage was not just in their hearts and minds but also found its way into their songs, stories, and even works of art, ensuring that the legacy of the Vikings would live on forever.

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The 3 Most Important Norse Gods

Norse mythology is incredibly captivating – the gods are both deeply relatable and awe-inspiring. With personalities akin to humans they have been admired for thousands of years.

Famous Vikings: Harald Hardrada

Harald Hardrada also known as Harald Sigurdsson was one of the greatest Viking Kings in Norse and Scandinavian history, and his Saga is one to remember.

Who Were The Vikings?

The Vikings, renowned for their seafaring courage and undoubted ferocity in battle, were Nordic warriors who raided across Europe during the 9th to 11th centuries.

The mysterious, powerful, and captivating stories of Norse mythology and folklore still fascinate and inspire people today. From the awe-inspiring tales of Ragnarok to Thor’s epic adventures, they continue to remain relevant in today’s world. People express their admiration for these ancient tales and religious beliefs in many ways, from wearing items of clothing with characters or symbols from Norse mythology on them to getting a physical representation through tattoos. The list goes on – from being a plotline for video games or films to inspiring the soundtracks for many popular songs and even some whole genres. Norse mythology and the legacy of the Vikings continue to leave an indelible impression on people in modern times.








For centuries, the Viking age has fascinated and inspired people all over the world. From Norse mythology permeating modern cultures through to the artifacts, weapons, and stories unearthed over time, there is something enduringly appealing about this era that lives on today. This influence can be found in many different forms – from music production to fashion and tattoo designs. These timeless designs play a big part in creating a versatile aesthetic for men and women alike. By embracing themes from the past, modern brands are able to pay homage to history and ancestry while also providing new and modern interpretations that can endure throughout time – just as the craftsmanship of the Norse people did many centuries ago.